corporate FACTS

  • The issued capital of the body corporate, USD 12,625,000.00 has been registered by certificate of incentives by Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) on 11-Feb-2011.

    TPM Mining has taken over the plot for 99 years from Mpanda Council which located in Mpanda Industrial Area to make investment for copper smelting plant.

    At the moment, total number of local people employed is approximately 100 and with the start of operations, it is estimated that the number will reach 150-200 people.
  • Total investment including building, imports, purchasing of machines and equipment, licenses, engineering and consulting services, is more than USD 17.000.000,00. by 2013
    TPM already has the biggest equipment pool and heavy machineries in the Katavi region. TPM desires to share its equipment with Mpanda Council.
    Mpanda and whole Katavi, even Kigoma regions, will become an attraction center where local producers can sell copper ore.

Experience. Quality. Reliability!

TPM Mining and Energy Co. Limited has been established to promote the business of prospecting, mining and refining minerals and related activities in Mpanda, in Katavi Region, Tanzania, on 23 rd of September 2010.

TPM Mining is a body corporate of Yazıcı Group of Companies in mining industry and %100 of its shares owned by Turkish investment. TPM Mining has been established in Tanzania after the invitation of his Excellency President of The United Republic of Tanzania Dr. Jakaya KIKWETE when he has visited Turkey in 2010 in an effort to call Turkish investors to Tanzania after the mutual affection visit of his Excellency President of Republic of Turkey Mr. Abdullah GÜL to Tanzania in 2009. After these progresses, President Mr. Abdullah GÜL called the Turkish Government in order to choose private companies in different sectors to come and invest in Tanzania . And so, Yazıcı Group of Companies has been chosen and encouraged by Turkish Government to invest in Tanzania in mining sector.

Yazıcı Group of Companies is a leading company in Turkey and performs construction, production and application areas, synthetic sport fields, mining and energy. Pema Mining, a body of Yazıcı Group of Companies, is one of the important companies in Turkey which currently operates in mining sector and almost the biggest one in chrome mining. At present, Pema Mining has the biggest facility for processing chrome ore in Sivas , Turkey and a leader of chrome ore production exported, 80.000 ton in a year. Other than chrome, it operates in the production, supply or distribution of other metallic minerals.

Our Partner

TPM Mining & Energy

Our Vision

To be the first Turkish international company in mining sector in Tanzania .

Our Mission

To carry out our mining operations by using best available technology and displaying highest environmental performance and showing respect to local people in a mutual trust.

Our Objectives

To be one the largest producers of gold in Tanzania . We have many producing mines, all located in Mpanda/Katavi Tanzania, and several exploration projects at various stages of development. With a high-quality asset base, solid growth opportunities and a clear strategy, we have the objective of starting production by early 2014.

Our Values

  • To act in transparent manner and respect the values of employees and community.
  • To show readiness for continuous development
  • To regard Job Safety, Environment and Social License to be the integral part of the work.
  • To provide support in pursuit of excellence
  • To support effective participation in team work and strong communication
  • To follow and implement technological changes

t effective participation in team work and strong communication
To follow and implement technological changes